About RAFI Indices

RAFI Indices constructs, publishes, and licenses indices based on Research Affiliates' insights and strategies.


Committed to being a different kind of index provider, we focus on delivering robust research, well-crafted index strategies, and impactful investor support.


To learn more about the research, insights, and strategies that our indices are based on, visit our sister company, Research Affiliates.

Robust Research

We aim to publish our research in peer-reviewed journals, to challenge the conventional wisdoms of investing, and to attract inputs from the wider investment and academic community.

Well-Crafted Index Strategies

In developing and building our index strategies, we emphasize systematic, transparent processes; low-cost implementation, and high investment capacity. Our intent is to improve governance and increase conviction and understanding of the investment philosophy underpinning our index strategies.


Impactful Investor Support

We focus on orienting investors toward long-term outcomes, better client journeys, and positive dollar-weighted returns. With timely communication of our insights and making available relevant resources and tools, our goal is to establish theory and historical evidence, acknowledge uncertainty and downside risk, and help investors navigate current and important investment debates.


RAFI Indices is built with the research, insights, and strategies of our sister company: Research Affiliates, LLC