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Performance Disclosures

Last Updated: September 2019


These Performance Disclosures govern your initial and subsequent access or use of the index performance data and related information and materials on the RAFI Indices, LLC (“RAFI”) web site (the "Index Data").  By accepting these Performance Disclosures, you are also agreeing to both the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy applicable to the entire RAFI website, incorporated herein by reference. All terms used in these Performance Disclosures not defined herein shall have the definitions set forth in the Terms of Use.


The Index Data may include estimates and is subject to change.  The Index Data is provided for informational purposes only and is sourced from proprietary systems, Bloomberg, and FactSet.  RAFI is an index provider and not an investment adviser, broker or dealer.  Therefore, this Index Data is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or financial instrument, nor is it advice or a recommendation to enter into any transaction.  The general information contained in the Index Data should not be acted upon without obtaining specific legal, tax and investment advice from a licensed professional in the appropriate jurisdiction.


You should be aware of the risks associated with data sources and quantitative processes used to create the Index Data.  Errors may exist in data acquired from third party vendors, the construction or coding of indices, and the construction of the spreadsheets, charts, reports, results or information provided.  RAFI takes reasonable steps to eliminate or mitigate errors, and to identify data and process errors so as to minimize the potential impact of such errors, however RAFI cannot guarantee that such errors will not occur. Your access and use of the Index Data is conditioned upon, and evidence of, your full release of RAFI from any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from or related to (i) any inaccuracy or incompleteness in, errors or omissions in the information or (ii) any decision made or action taken by any third party in reliance upon this information.


All performance results are as of the dates indicated, within the currencies specified, and any performance returns prior to the inception date for an index represents simulated results or back-tested performance.  Inception dates for each index offered by RAFI are indicated below:


Index Name Total Return Ticker Inception Date
RAFI Fundamental Indices    
Global Index RAFIGLBT 12/16/2016
Developed Index RAFIDEVT 12/16/2016
Developed ex US Index RAFIDXUT 12/16/2016
Europe Index RAFIEURT 12/16/2016
US Index RAFIUST 12/16/2016
US Small Company Index RAFIUSST 12/16/2016
UK All Company Index RAFIUKAT 12/16/2016
Australia 200 Index RAFIAULT 7/31/2018
Australia Small Company Index RAFIAUS 7/31/2018
Emerging Markets Index RAFIEMT 12/16/2016
Developed Asia Pacific Index RAFIDAPT 12/21/2018

RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Indices
Global Index RADMFGLT 3/31/2017
Developed Index RADMFDLT 3/31/2017
Developed ex Us Index RADMFXUT 12/27/2016
Europe Index RADMFEUT 7/2/2018
US Index RADMFUST 12/22/2016
Emerging Markets Index RADMFEMT 12/22/2016

RAFI Multi-Factor Indices
Global Index RAQMFGLT 3/31/2017
Developed Index RAQMFDLT 3/31/2017
Developed ex Us Index RAQMFXUT 12/27/2016
US Index RAQMFUST 12/27/2016
Global AUD Hedged Index   12/4/2017
Global ex Switzerland Index RAMFGXST 11/3/2017
Developed GBP Hedged Index RAMDGBPH 7/9/2018
Emerging Markets Index RAQMFEMT 12/27/2016
ex-Momentum Emerging Markets Index RAMFEXMT 9/29/2017

Developed Index RAESGDVT 3/30/2018
Europe Index RAESGEUT 3/30/2018
US Index RAESGUST 3/30/2018

RAFI Diversity & Governance Indices
Developed Index RADGDEVT 9/28/2018
Europe Index RADGEURT 9/28/2018
US Index RADGUST 9/28/2018

RAFI Single Factor Indices
Value Factor Global Index RADMFGVT 3/31/2017
Value Factor Developed Index RADMFDVT 3/31/2017
Value Factor Developed ex US Index RADMFXVT 12/27/2016
Value Factor Emerging Markets Index RADMFEVT 12/22/2016
Value Factor US Index RADMFUVT 12/22/2016
Low Volatility Factor Global Index RADMFLGT 3/31/2017
Low Volatility Factor Developed Index RADMFLDT 3/31/2017
Low Volatility Factor Developed ex US Index RADMFXLT 12/27/2016
Low Volatility Factor Emerging Markets Index RADMFELT 12/22/2016
Low Volatility Factor US Index RADMFULT 12/22/2016
Quality Factor Global Index RADMFGQT 3/31/2017
Quality Factor Developed Index RADMFDQT 3/31/2017
Quality Factor Developed ex US Index RADMFXQT 12/27/2016
Quality Factor Emerging Markets Index RADMFEQT 12/22/2016
Quality Factor US Index RADMFUQT 12/22/2016
Size Factor Developed Index RADMFDST 3/31/2017
Size Factor Developed ex US Index RADMFXST 12/27/2016
Size Factor US Index RADMFSST 12/22/2016

Index Data and certain performance information presented may include simulated index performance, which has certain limitations, namely that they are hypothetical, created with hindsight and do not represent actual investment performance of an investment product based on the index.  Past index performance, simulated or actual, is no guarantee of future performance.  Simulated returns cannot predict how an index, investment strategy or related investment product will perform in the future.  Actual investment results may differ from the performance returns stated.  Investors may experience loss.  Performance returns are presented on a gross basis, unless otherwise indicated.    


Index Data and components thereof constitute copyrighted, trade secret and/or proprietary information of substantial value to RAFI.  Title and ownership rights in and to the Index Data remain exclusively with RAFI. Nothing in these Performance Disclosures grants you any proprietary rights whatsoever in or to the Index Data.  Reproduction, redistribution or any other transmission of the Index Data, in whole or in part, without RAFI's prior written consent is strictly prohibited. Without limiting the foregoing, without RAFI's prior written permission, the Index Data and other RAFI intellectual property may not be: (i) used as a basis for any financial instruments or other products/services; (ii) used to create, verify or correct data in any compilation of data or index; (iii) used to create any derivative work; or (iv) used for any other commercial purposes.


You agree to indemnify and hold RAFI and its officers, directors, members, affiliates and employees and their third party providers harmless from and against any claims, losses, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorneys' and experts' fees, as incurred, arising out of your use of, or inability to use, any Index Data.